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i think everytime an angry fan post shows up on my dash, i feel more and more compelled to draw slash even tho I don’t even ship them… 

what’s this about respect for the creators and blah blah when these people don’t even respect the fan artists drawing what they like and feel entitled to reblog or express their rude and unwarranted opinion on ‘shit’ like this and feel ‘personally attacked/offended’ by a drawing. Personally, I feel offended and attacked when someone devalues my artwork to ‘fandom shit’ and myself to a ‘fangirl that ruins everything’.

remember when we were 9 years old and our batman figurines were married to barbies and sometimes had flings with GI Joe and frat parties with ninja turtles but still managed to be cool and fight crime on the side? i mean it didn’t matter then what we interpreted, why does it matter now? are relationships and sexual preference that critical to how cool/badass a superhero is…

superheroes are icons, and if people want to interpret them in ways that make them feel closer to home, who is anyone to say otherwise…

excuse my rant

^^^^^^ astro so much respect for you

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