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Just a quick unedited video on how to make fondant roses. I’m making a wedding cake today so I thought I’d show you guys how to make roses. Quality isn’t great, but if people are interested I’ll make more video in the future with my better camera.

15 June 2013, 20:01     with 5 notes        

So this was the wedding cake I made! 8D The theme the bride asked for was Autumn and Pumpkins :3 
The cake base was a pumpkin flavored cake with maple syrup  cream cheese icing.  
Everything was made by me! Those leaves along too an entire day to make =3= I put in over 15+ hours on this cake :3 

11 November 2012, 21:25     with 39 notes        

Baking with Bailey: Raspberry Linzer Disks

Second post of Baking with Bailey! I decided to do a cookie this time. I made the mistake of not checking if I had all the proper ingredients before baking, so I actually ended up using Strawberry Jam instead of Raspberry— ops. Oh well. On wards!

Raspberry Linzer Disks:

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6 August 2012, 19:10     with 3 notes        

Baking with Bailey: Fennel, Fig & Almond Bread

Welcome to my first post with baking on my own! School is done now and I said I’d do a small baking blog; I think I’ll be doing 1 thing a week (instructional) and maybe a couple of more baked goods just with pictures. 

When I get my camera up and running perhaps it’ll just be a video instead of these posts! Or perhaps both.

Without further adieu— Fennel, Fig and Almond Bread: 

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30 July 2012, 17:26     with 2 notes        

Who would be interested in me doing a update of my baking blog? I’ll bake my way through a baking/cook book I own

Well I don’t care if you’re interested. I’m going to do it anyways.

I’m going to start with Fennel, Fig, and Almond Bread.
Looks healthy and tasty as fuck. I’ll post beautiful pictures of the process and the final products.

As well as the recipe and all that.

The book I’m using is The Modern Baker by Nick Malgieri

29 July 2012, 21:50     with 4 notes        

UGH. So I made a real wedding cake in class today… like this if going off to someone’s wedding. WHAT.
The base is a lemon buttercream cake, and the top two are chocolate ganache.

Fondant was used to mask the cake and the roses are made out of fondant too. IT TOOK 3 HOURS TO COVER THE CAKES AND ANOTHER 3 TO ASSEMBLE IT.  

24 May 2012, 22:10     with 39 notes        

Some baking stuff! This is some Marzipan fruit I made in class~ 
Pomegranate, Broccoli, Peas in a pod, Potatoes and Apples. Everything is eatable.  

12 April 2012, 18:31     with 8 notes        

This is my Kawaii cake! I made it in class yesterday. Sadly I was rushed and it’s not as good as it could be because I’m leaving for Sakura Con day (Probably already half way there cause this is a queued post!) and my other classmates had an extra day to work on it.


I think it turned out rather cute, and yes it is Lolita inspired. I love the colours i settled on~ Wish I could have payed more attention to fine detail and gotten things to be smoother. Oh well, it was my first time working with rolled fondant so it’s okay!

Also, sorry for the crappy cellphone pic. 

5 April 2012, 15:30     with 31 notes        

SO! I made a cake in class. Well more decorated it. It’s a foam base cake but real icing was used to create it. 

I made all the flowers and icing dots and everything!

Everything on there is eatable except the foam under the layer of pink xD

I really wanted to do a cherry blossom cake~ And this was the closest I could get to :3

Photography done by me, cake made by me. 

20 February 2012, 21:32     with 22 notes        

Made some cakes in class! We’ve been making them all week, but day I got to decorate them! Cakes made and decorated by me. 

I bought the Angel Food cake to give to my grandmother this weekend for her birthday. 

2 February 2012, 21:23     with 10 notes